• Looking to live & work in Australia – the country with 3 of the world’s most liveable cities?
  • Keen to ‘fast track’ your job search by using the support of local career coaching & recruitment experts in the job and education markets?
  • Seeking support to effectively transition your career and /or leverage your postgraduate study to secure a great job in Australia?

At East2West Careers (E2W) we understand how the recruitment process works and what employers want in the Australian job market utilising our extensive global business networks developed through our backgrounds in professional services, human resources,  Executive Recruitment, Outplacement, Education and Coaching.

If you are looking for a first-class service to support you in creating your new life and career in Australia, contact E2W Careers. Our team have supported thousands of Professionals & Executives to realise their potential. Let us help you achieve your potential via our virtual coaching, online programs and workshops.

New Career Development & Job Search Programs are coming in early 2018.

Program Topics Include:

  • Constructing a Winning Resume
  • Managing Your Online Personal Brand to Attract Job Opportunities
  • Job Application Analysis
  • Writing Impactful Cover Letters
  • Creating Your Job Search Strategy
  • Preparing & Reviewing Interview Questions

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Client Testimonials 

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To learn more about East2West Careers and how we can help you, sit back and listen to our Podcast, hosted by Cecelia Ramsdale.

Virtual Career Coaching

If you are struggling on the job search front, or looking to change careers and need virtual coaching support, we have a group of coaches who bring both corporate experience and coaching expertise to assist you in achieving your goals. To find more about our coaches and services, or to book a coach contact us today.  (Coaching fee – $250 per hour)

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